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Wild Waters Soapery

Hardwood Dishes

Hardwood Dishes

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We have picked up some lovely hardwood dishes, each of which was made by hand my a small crafter in Oregon. They are either regular or Rainbow Poplar.  We have finished the Rainbow poplar dishes with Tung Oil, highlighting the lovely colors. There is some controversy about what exactly causes the beautiful colors in this wood, but all seem to agree that it is a response to injury. The healing process creates beauty in the wood, as it often does in people. Now you can enjoy  this beauty in your bath and kitchen!

The style of these dishes minimizes the area that touches the soap, allowing it to dry faster and last longer. The hardwood will last a long time with some care. And they look lovely in your bathroom!

The best way to lengthen the life of your dish is to have 2, and every couple weeks, or when you clean, switch them out and allow the dish to thoroughly dry, so grab a pair and save some money. :-)

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